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T.J. Meier & Associates, Inc.
W E L C O M E    T O    O U R    W E B S I T E

T.J. Meier & Associates, Inc. is a frozen seafood importing and trading company which sells its products to the wholesale seafood trade. During its 30-year history, T.J. Meier & Associates has achieved success in continually providing its customers with quality products at competitive prices. T.J. Meier & Associates has become known as a reliable importer of top-of-the-line products such as "HJR" brand Philippine IQF Octopus, "Diamond" brand Chinese Clean Squid, "KML” brand Indonesian Red Snapper and "T.J." brand Seafood Mix.

T.J. Meier & Associates, Inc. was founded by Thomas J. Meier in 1980. Jody Meier Reitzes is the President and Chief Operating Officer.

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